Talking First Aid Kits

Talking First Aid Kits have easy to follow, color coded instructions in areas such as CPR, stings and bites, and general medical needs.  Turning on the switch lets each item speak the instructions in a clear, calm voice.

Talking Medicine/Pill Reminter and Storage Devices

Talking Medicine/Pill Reminter and Storage Devices

Talking Blood Pressure Readers

Talking Blood Pressure Readers.  This is an area you should research, or have a family member, or doctor research for you.  Home use blood pressure readers generally need to be checked by your doctor for accuracy.  You can speak with your family doctor to see if there is a system preferred, and if insurance will cover the item.  Many drug stores, and larger stores such as Wal-Mart and TARGET carry these items.  Ask the pharmist to help you find the talking blood pressure readers.  You can also order talking blook pressure readers online from websites such as Amazon, Walgreens, and many others.  Aside from the three item links, there are a number of other talking blood pressure readers.  Most importantly, check the accuracy of whichever item you purchase with your doctor.

Talking Body Weight Scales

Talking Body Weight Scales.  There are many talking scales on the market--here are just three of them.  The important thing is to sync your scale with your doctor's scale to determine accuracy.  You can check also with your doctor to see if insurance covers the talking scale, especially if you suffer from weight related health issues.

Talking Blood Glucose Meters

Taking Blood Glucose Meters.  As with any product you buy, read the instructions, and do research to determine if there are issues with the product.  One of these readers has a glitch every seven or so days where it incorrectly stores a reading.  There are a number of these items on the market, therefore, talk to your doctor to determine a recommended system.  Some of these items can be obtained via insurance, therefore, check to determine if the device you will use is covered.  It is also recommended that you or a family member research this area thoroughly via the internet, your doctor, and even insurance resources.

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